19 Jun

My snacks are no longer safe.

As I was enjoying a little mid-morning prune (they are like candy, you guys!) Margot came by and helped herself to one.

The worry-wart in me fretted, “she can’t eat that! That’s the perfect size to get lodged in her throat and choke her!!”

The strong, confident mama in me enthused, “She’s fine! She knows what to do! If it’s too big, she’ll spit it out!”

Worrywart sat on her hands while Margot chewed & chewed with her toothless gums and gently suggested she not shove the brush handle in her mouth while still eating the prune.

Strong Mama kept an air of calm so Margot wouldn’t feed off of any nervous energy.

And, in the end, she gummed at it for a while and then with a big GULP swallowed it down, and looked up at me with the biggest, pruniest smile and reached for another.




20 May

20130520-144944.jpgOkay, I’m not going to get a medal for healthiest baby meals today, but it would have been cruel to eat vegan cupcakes in front of Miss Margot and not share with her.

Messy Girl – Adventures in Baby-Led Weaning

19 May

Check out our “supply” list for successful Baby-Led Weaning…

Messy Girl – Adventures in Baby-Led Weaning.

Top on our list, the Antilop High Chair from Ikea.


via The Amazing Moores



17 May

DSC_5482Lucky Margot gets another take away meal as Mama continues to recover from surgery.

This time from Mex-to-go, our favorite local taco stand.



15 May

Margot is an international food enthusiast.


For dinner tonight I scooped out the softish parts of my falafels for Baby Girl and she was a big fan.


She also enjoyed a decidedly American treat… her very first French Fries.


Spaghetti with Vegan Tomato Cream Sauce

14 May


Look at this kid shoving a handful of spaghetti in her mouth!

Her Italian ancestors would be proud.

To make the tomato cream sauce I blended up some soaked cashews with water, lemon juice, spinach and some Italian herbs.  Then stirred the creamy goodness into a pot of tomato sauce.

DSC_5426This recipe is kid tested and cat approved.



Raw Vegan Brownies

13 May

13-5-012I made these brownies for Mother’s Day since Margot’s Abuelita is an avowed chocolate lover.  When I told my mom I would be making a healthy dessert she said, “Is it chocolate? Then I’ll like it!”

13-5-11 nyc bike tour margot food1

Margot concurred.

I’ve been informed that it is misleading to call these brownies since they don’t actually taste like what comes out of the brownie box… but if you ask me, they are BETTER.

Seriously.  Raw. Vegan. Healthy. Chocolatey. Goodness.

Margot says, “Go make these for the Vegan in your life!”

It was probably the messiest food she’s had to date, but that’s what bathtubs are for…


Just a quick hose down and she was good as new.  Nay… better… since now she knows the wonders of raw vegan brownies.